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Road Trip

An (Un)Familiar Road

Following the resurrection of Jesus, two disciples find themselves traveling a familiar road with an unfamiliar stranger.  Their eyes are blinded to who this person really is.  But when they invite this stranger into their home and they share a meal together, everything becomes clear to them.


Have you ever thought you were headed in the right direction, only to discover you are way off course? This week we will examine the story of the Apostle Paul’s U-turn in life. Paul’s life takes a radical turn when he hears Jesus. How does Jesus direct us to turn around?

The Road Less Traveled

When Jesus sends us out, sometimes the road difficult and even dangerous. We can avoid the Jericho roads of life, or we can take them in order to serve Jesus. We are invited to travel the Jericho Roads in our communities with eyes open and offer our service to another in need.