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Courage for Love

The relationship between love and courage is beautifully illustrated in the story of the prodigal son.  The younger son needed courage to undertake the long walk home; the father shows courage by choosing to love his son even after he was betrayed.  Jesus calls us to be courageous people, so that we will live fully…

Courage for Hope

Hope is important in developing and maintaining courage.  Hope can be defined as “the assurance that God is faithful, and the purposes God has called you to undertake will be completed…Hope is courage that refuses to doubt God’s goodness even when a task is not being accomplished in the way you desired.”

Courage for Conviction

A conviction of courage fuels action!  Jesus heals on the Sabbath to demonstrate his conviction.  We need to stop periodically to remember the source of our convictions and seek time with God to renew a kingdom perspective where “discouragement, difficulty, and dilemma are all removed from view.”