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  1. Annette DeCourcy Towler

    Thank you for the nice service and for letting those of us that are far away in VA & FL now, to be part of it. Was good to see all the cousins, and some that I do not get to see. Dick’s mother was my first cousin on the DeCourcy/Ellis side of the family. What a blessing that Dick became the person he was. He was a big teaser when we were growing up. Dick , Dianne and my Brother Dean and I were the only cousins in our age bracket growing up together and I see that he along with my brother had/have the sense of humor that came from the Ellis side of the family. Thanks again.
    Hi Kaye…. Peace from your cousin, Annette DeCourcy Towler [another MN pk] in VA.

  2. Michael & Roberta Feriancek

    Thank you for sharing the celebration of Dick on line. We were lucky enough to view it in New Mexico.
    May god bless Kaye and the family.

    Go South! Dick & Kaye, Tiger spirit forever!

    Mike & Roberta Feriancek

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