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  1. Weeping Willow trees have always been one of my favorites. I love the way they bow their heads, as if they were praying, and what fun it is to hide or seek shade beneath them. I’ve never thought of them as weeping, but a tree, whose roots were often blamed for causing plumbing issues as they choked their own roots beneath their surface. Their roots remind me of God’s loving arms that wrap around me, and comfort me, when I am weeping or experiencing loneliness. The neighborhood we chose to live in is known as The Willows. Several years ago it was voted to remove them, because they were messy. Newcomers wonder why it is called The Willows, and comment that it must have been lovely. It was, but still offers other kinds of beauty. Jesus encouraged us to find beauty in others, also, and to wrap our arms around them and provide hope. Perhaps we should look to the trees for inspiration and pleasure and watch them grow and develop.

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