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  1. Great to have you back, Chad! Glad you had the opportunity for a renewal vacation. We missed you.
    I spent yesterday in the ER at the Ridges Hospital. I’m home now, as they gave me the option of spending the night, returning, if needed, or going home. I hadn’t had any sleep, food, or drink, but did have all the tests…MRI, Ultrasound, and CT Scan, blood work, etc. I know what a night in the hospital involves and it is not sleep, so I came home.. Was I glad I did. Had a fairly good night, and feel much better this morning.

    Karen Erickson, my neighbor, just phoned to see, if there was anything she could bring over. After talking with her, found out she has blood clots in her heart. Please keep her in your prayers, as the medical staff determines how to treat her. She is so young to have this serious condition.

    God bless you and Holy Trinity Church.
    See you soon.

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