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A New Vision of God; The Binding of Isaac

Midrash, an ancient art form that loves Scripture and seeks to engage it seriously and creatively, will invite us to see the story of the Biding of Isaac as an invitation to think about God differently.



  1. As I listened to the service today, I had no idea what I would write here. As usual, when I stop and wait for thoughts to come, it was clear. Dave, my deceased husband and I had a similar experience to Abraham’s .. Many years ago, our only daughter, became I’ll, and eventually became paralyzed and fell into a deep coma. The medical staff was completely puzzled. We and all we knew were praying for Nancy’s life. Dave and I each handled the situation in our own way. He went for a long walk and I found a quiet place. Neither of us knew that the other had told the Lord that if he wanted our precious daughter we were willing to let go. In a short while, she finally responded just a little to one of the treatments. Our hope was renewed. Recovery wasn’t easy for her or for us. It was hard work and many years of therapy and recuperation. It’s been 47 years, and she is still dealing with the repercussions of the infliction. However, she is considered a medical miracle. Now she is helping to take care of me. God certainly does work on mysterious ways.

  2. Thank you for your insight into these teachings of the Bible. This helped enlightened me to another side of a potentially cruel manifestation of God. Don and Brenda are in our prayers. Welcome to the new members!

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