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Preventing the Flood; The Story of Noah

God is continually inviting us to learn and grow in our understanding of God.  Perhaps we are learning that God doesn’t respond to our human violence with global violence, but with love and compassion, calling the same from us.


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  1. God required Noah to save the humans and animals in pairs. That must have sounded like an impossible task, but Noah went ahead and followed God’s instructions. The result was a very positive outcome. God asks us to follow his instructors, as well. The Bible is full of instructions, even though we may not always know how to accomplish them. When we put our trust in God, he will guide us.

    The beaver is one of God’s most amazing animals in my opinion. Compared to many other animals, he is small in stature, but yet he/ she can completely change his environment in a positive way. It takes hard work and diligence and time, but he can prevent the flood.

    I like to think that with the determination of the beaver, we can do the same. When we listen to God’s words and try to understand them, we may be able to accomplish more than we ever imagined.

    God bless us all.

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