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Updating Our Lenses; Healing the Man Who Was Blind

On page after page of the Gospels we find Jesus healing the sick and performing other miracles.  It’s often said that he performed these deeds as a way of showing who he was – God in human skin.  Looking at them this way, we learn that Jesus performed these miracles and that is further proof of his divinity.  A closer look at these stories just might help us to catch the larger meaning.



  1. Several years ago, I lost the sight in my left eye. The medical staff did everything possible to prevent it from becoming a permanent situation. I spent 6 hours twice a day for four days in a hyperbaric chamber, and underwent every test available at Hennepin County Medical Center, but after a week I was sent home. I live alone, so this was a scary future for me. So many questions were racing through my mind. After all, my depth perception was affected, as well as my balance. It took patience, not only for me, but those who were helping me. I had to adjust to using a cane and a walker, and most of all to losing my independence. It’s been a long, slow process, but God has taught me how to stop and think things through, before going ahead….how to see another way of accomplishing the task. I’ve been reassured of God’s promise to stay by my side and guide me, when I cannot see visually or figuratively, and a solution pops into my mind. I am grateful for so much, and feel very blessed.

  2. It is quite puzzling to me why Jesus would seemingly attempt to hide his spiritual gifts and legacy after performing these miracles. Would this be tempered by our ability to understand those events?

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