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  1. The sermon today was a very appropriate and timely reminder of the bountiful gifts we have been given by our GOD and our responsibility to share those gifts. Thank you

  2. This morning I had to delay listening to the service online, because my daughter -in-law and only grandson were visiting me, and needed to have breakfast and get on the road. Wow! Do I ever have a lot for which to be grateful! In just two days we accomplished at least a week’s worth of work! Using their nonstop youthful energy my home, inside and out is now ready for Christmas. Even the grocery shopping is done. They really do like being able to help me once in awhile, and I’ll admit this time they had much for which to be grateful. Every time they moved something out popped a surprise, which they needed or wanted and I didn’t.. Their car was loaded with leftovers, all new to them. What a beautiful feeling of giving my leftovers a loving home! It will be awhile, but they will be back, anxious to spend time with me and enjoy sharing meals together as well as meaningful conversations. They took leftover food home, too, but the camaraderie was a big bonus.

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